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10 Health Conditions Not Recommended Fasting

Not only hunger and thirst, fasting Ramadan is also good for health, from the digestive system, improve diet to be a great time to quit smoking.

10 Health Conditions Not Recommended Fasting

Although providing benefits for health, but Dr. Ari Fahrial Sham, SpPD-KGEH explained there are some conditions that are not recommended for fasting. It is feared could worsen the condition.

There are 10 health conditions that are not recommended Dr. Ari Fahrial Sham, starting patients who are in the care to heart failure patients. Here’s the list;

1. elderly parents with senile or alzhaimer).
2. Patients in hospital care and in infusion. Both fluids and food or blood transfusion patients.
3. Patients with acute infection such as severe strep throat, high fever, acute hepatitis and acute diarrhea.
4. Patients with acute respiratory distress. Like acute asthma, severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
5. Patients with heart failure.
6. Patients with acute mag pain with symptoms of severe vomiting and pain until cold sweat breaks out.
7. Cancer patients are treated or not treated.
8. Patients with chronic liver or liver disorders.
9. Patients with chronic renal failure undergo dialysis or peritoneal dialysis.
10. Patients with diabetes have not controlled blood sugar or insulin requirement is still high more than 30 U per day.

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