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3 Steps Keep Your Skin Clear During Fasting

Holding hunger and thirst during fasting can affect the condition of the skin. Lack of fluid intake makes skin look dull and dry. This condition is exacerbated by the hot weather.

3 Steps Keep Your Skin Clear During Fasting

Unwittingly, this condition diminishes the value of appearance so as to make a person not confident. Because it takes proper care to keep skin look bright even though it is running fast.

Reported Gulfnews, here are some tips to do to maintain the brightness of the skin during fasting.

1. Use mask
Select a mask that contains soothing body ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and peptide. For maximum results, use it regularly before bedtime.

2. Drink plenty of water
Simply fluid intake makes the body hydrated, the skin becomes brighter. The content of electrolytes and minerals in water is good for the body. Alternatively, you can get enough nutritional intake by consuming coconut water and unsweetened aloe vera juice.

3. Reduce sugar
consumption Excessive sugar consumption can affect skin conditions where the skin will be more prone to breakouts. Therefore, you should reduce sugar consumption or replace sugar with natural sweeteners such as honey or consumption of fruits.

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