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Hard to Wake Up Morning? Genetic Mutation Is Allegedly the Cause

Researchers found the reason why someone is difficult to get up early, one of them because of genetic influences. Where 1 in 75 people have a genetic mutation that causes them to have trouble getting up and getting out of bed in the morning.

Hard to Wake Up Morning? Genetic Mutation Is Allegedly the Cause

Previous research has found that everyone has different groups of people who are morning and night people. The morning person is the more productive person in the morning. Contrary to the morning person, the night person is more comfortable doing the work in the afternoon until the evening.

Reporting from The Sun, there is a scientific explanation why someone is difficult to get up and work morning. In this study, researchers identified what is called a genetic mutation that could explain why a person is awake late into the night and it is difficult to get up early.

It was found that the CRY1 gene mutation slows down the body’s internal biological clock that makes a person feel drowsy at night and wakes up early. Those with this gene are known to have different biological clocks.

“Compared to other mutations that have been linked to sleep disorders, this is a fairly influential genetic change,” says Professor Michael Young, leader of the US team from The Rockefeller University.

Young assessed this mutation was diagnosed with the sleep disorder phase of the youngest (DSPD). This condition is usually characterized by feeling fresh and energetic at rest or sleep. In addition, people with DSPD also have difficulty to move in the morning.

If the DSPD sufferers are forced to wake up early, this results in the emergence of insomnia and feel the extra fatigue. But the good news, many people with DSPD overcome this condition or control their sleep conditions by complying with the schedule.

“Like the habit of smoking, there are therapies that we can do to help this genetic problem before switching to drugs. If you or your relatives have difficulty to follow office hours or school, immediately consult a sleep specialist to get appropriate therapy, “he said.

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