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How To Handle Neck Pain Properly

Nyeri neck generally appears in adults, especially over the age of 40 years. In one year, it is estimated that about 10% -20% of adults in the world have neck pain lasting at least one full day and reducing effective working days.

 How To Handle Neck Pain Properly

This neck pain can occur suddenly. For example due to tug, pounding, or serious injury. It can also progress slowly over time, for example because of poor posture or rapid degeneration (aging) causing bone or joint wear / bearing wear.

“From most pain or cervical spine diseases develop over time, according to age (degenerative process), but can be provoked or caused by injuries / accidents like the Christoper Reeve case, which falls while riding, and becomes paralyzed,” said Dr. dr Wawan Mulyawan SpBS SPKP AAK, from the release received by KORAN SINDO .

According to the Chairman of the Establishment Committee of Indonesian NeuroSpine Society (INSS) 2018 Containers, various problems in the cervical spine can press / clip the nerve roots (roots) or spinal cord and cause neck pain and / or other symptoms of nerve disorders .

The shape of the clamping may be due to a bone bearing ( disc ) that skyrocket or bone grown to form a spur (spur ) or also because the cervical spine cavity narrows due to the thickening of the protective tissue ( ligamentum flavum ) that suppresses the nerves or nerve roots.

For self-perceived pain, it can usually be treated and lost alone after some time, either by lying down, massage, or improving posture. If pain is long or severe, nonoperative medical treatment may be needed, such as taking medication or physiotherapy. If conservative treatment is not helpful, then the choice of interventional therapy or surgery may be an option.

Neck pain may show (though not all) early signals that there are risks / problems with nerve roots (nerveroor / roots) or spinal cord. If the pain does not go away for days, there may be an underlying illness. Specific symptoms, such as pain that radiate to the arm, hands, fingers, tingling, numbness, or lame / weakness to the shoulders, arms, or hands or fingers.

There may also be other neurologic symptoms, such as a road balance disorder, coordination, or urinary disorders or bowel movements. Severe neck pain due to accidents / accidents, such as a car accident or falling from a height (roof, stairs) requires emergency care at the hospital, until proven no problem with the collarbone.

Before carrying a patient with a neck injury, be careful and undertaken by a trained professional to reduce the risk of paralysis and other unnecessary complications due to errors of carrying / lifting the patient. “Immediately consult a doctor if the pain continues or interfere with routine activities, either daily activities, or even unable to sleep through the night,” said Dr. Wawan.

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