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It’s the Right Time to Eat Rice at Diet

Rice is the staple food of Indonesian society. However, for those who are running a diet or weight loss program, rice is considered as the main enemy that is often avoided.

It's the Right Time to Eat Rice at Diet

In fact, those who undergo a diet can still consume rice. This good news after the research team found the right time to eat rice for those on a diet, where lunch time becomes the best time to consume rice.

The reason for eating rice during the day makes the body metabolism faster and the body will digest all the food.

Reported by the Times of India, during lunch, the body feels hungry and need energy to move for eight to 10 hours ahead.

In addition, during the day productivity is needed so that the body needs the right energy. Carbohydrate content in rice can be the right energy source needed by the body.

Meanwhile, for this type of rice, the researchers say there is no difference. Neither white rice nor brown rice can be consumed at lunch. However, the thing to note is the red rice that takes a long time to digest so that the stomach becomes longer satiated than eating white rice.

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