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Sometimes Skiping Breakfast Can Make Body Fat

Beware if you often skip breakfast! The reason is not only reduce concentration to start the activity, skipping breakfast can also make a larger waist circumference aka fat.

Often Skip Breakfast Can Make Body Fat

A study showed that 26.7% of people who skip breakfast are obese compared with 10.9% of those who frequent breakfast. Those who never had breakfast also tended to gain the greatest weight gain over the past year.

“Breakfast consumption is rarely associated with central obesity index and weight gain, with this association becoming more pronounced in individuals who never eat breakfast,” said researchers from Mayo Clinic in the US, Kevin Smith as quoted by Indiatvnews.

In this study, researchers looked at breakfast habits of 347 respondents from 2005 to 2017. The respondents, who were 18-87 years old, measured their height, weight, waist and hip circumference.

Another fact, the study also found that respondents who skipped breakfast had an average waist of 97.5 cm, 9.8 cm larger than those who ate breakfast 5-7 times a week. Researchers also consider age, sex and body mass.

“Our findings on consistent adult health previously monitored in youth strengthen the concept that regular breakfast consumption is the most important and independent contributor of healthy weight at all ages,” he said.

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