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This Effect Fasting Day 1 to 30 For the Body

The benefits of fasting for health have been proven by many studies. Like the one written in Eating in Freedom by Tom McGregor. Tom not only explained the benefits of fasting for health, also what happens to the body after fasting.

This Effect Fasting Day 1 to 30 For the Body

Tom mentioned on the first day until the second day of fasting, blood sugar levels decreased. Heart slows down and blood pressure decreases. This condition causes headaches, dizziness, bad breath and heavy tongue. However no need to worry, this indicates the detoxification started to work.

Launched from Ilmfeed, on the day to 3 to 7 days of fasting, body fat began to be broken down to release glycerol from glyceride molecules and converted into glucose so that the skin feels more oily. For some people, this condition triggers the appearance of acne for several days.

However, the digestive system begins to work well and begins to do the cleaning and healing. White blood cells and the immune system begin to increase. In some cases, this stage will make it crowded because of the process of cleaning the lungs. The colon also begins to work optimally.

On the 8th day until the 15th fast, the body will experience an increase in energy, where the mind becomes clearer and better. The process of healing the body was running optimally. While on the day of the 16th to the 30th fast, the tongue will begin to pink and a fresh breath that signifies the detoxification process is complete.

At this stage, especially after 20 days of fasting, the body not only feels healthier, but the mind also becomes more clear, emotional balance, memory and concentration improve.

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