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Tips to Prevent Allergies in Children

Allergy to be a problem often faced by some people, where allergies occur because the immune system reaction against something that is considered dangerous even though not dangerous. These can be substances that enter or come into contact with the body.

Tips to Prevent Allergies in Children

Some types of substances that can cause allergic reactions include insect bites, dust mites, animal fur, medicines, certain foods, and pollen. When the body first encounters an allergen, the body will produce antibodies as a dangerous thing.

If the body returns to contact with the same allergen, the body will increase the number of antibodies to the type of allergen. This is what triggers the release of chemical compounds in the body (histamine) and cause allergic symptoms.

Then How to solve it? Doctor Reisa Broto Asmoro gave some tips. One of them selectively chooses various things related to allergies.

“My first child was allergic to heavy, especially brown, so the skin got dermatik, so often I had to be careful to handle it,” said Reisa doctor on the sidelines of Talkshow by PURE Baby at the ‘Mother and Fruit Festival’ event at Intermark BSD City, Serpong, Tangerang.

For prevention, he limits the food to his son, especially chocolate. The reason this child including food allergies and somewhat serious, even had time to undergo treatment at the hospital.

“If the snack is not limited to chocolate, all chocolate is not allowed because allergies and allergies are also fatal, it could be a seizure He has had terrible diarrhea and also entered PICU So I am traumatized, already know.When ditawarin the same person he knows that should not be sick later, “he explained.

Meanwhile, to minimize irritation in children, some ways can be used. Like using detergent without SLS.

“It’s been a long time ago, but there are not many companies that apply it to baby products, but this SLS can cause many problems, one of them is dermatitis,” says Pure Baby Brand Manager Liliana Saragih.

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