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Try Trying to Make Chicken Fried Coconut Recipe

Making fried chicken menu is a mainstay because the material is easy to obtain and the price is quite affordable. In addition, it also tastes delicious.

Chicken Fried Coconut Recipe

But to create a delicious and different fried chicken menu also required a special recipe. Rudi Choirudin in Rasasayange program that aired MNCTV every Saturday, at 08.00 am, begai recipe processed chicken. This time Chicken Goreng Gurih Kelapa. Here’s how to make it.

Ingredients 1:
1 male chickens cut 4 parts, following ati, ampela, claws and head
1200 ml water
6 cloves garlic finely
1 tablespoon fried onion
2 stem lemongrass
3 bay leaves
1 ½ tbsp Desaku Coriander Powder
½ teaspoon Village Turmeric Powder
1 tsp Pepper Powder Pepper
¼ tsp japan powder
1 java tamarind
60 g brown sugar bright color
1 tsp sugar
1 ½ tsp salt

Ingredients 2:
300 ml cooking oil
Sambal plow and lalapan to taste

Put all ingredients 1 into the pan then cover and boil with small fire for 30 minutes. Open the lid and then boil over medium heat for 25 minutes. Turn off the fire and let stand until cold water, after cold chicken ready fried.

Heat cooking oil over medium heat until it starts to heat up. Fried chicken with medium heat until fragrant chicken legit. Lift put on the plate of the field and serve with a plow sauce and fresh vegetables.

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