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What women do not like in men, and what to do about it

Women do not like talk in men. The dumb man is good as a girlfriend and not as a reliable partner in life. The best female friend is gay. With him you can discuss everything. But if you want it then you are expected first of all to do business. The boy said the kid did. And it must be the same boy. If a man squanders all his energy into chatter but there is no action, it’s a girlfriend.

What women do not like in men, and what to do about it

A man paints an action. Think about it he decided he embodied. This does not mean that women do not need to be made aware of their actions it is necessary but it is possible and scare. But not in the form ” I can not step without you and your word,” but in the form ” I’m thinking about doing this what do you think?”. And do it by making your decision. If a man does not have his own business which he loves and that brings him income it’s still a boy. Endless throwing is what to do and how to make money it’s kindergarten. There is nothing worse than male indecisiveness. A woman which is in connection with such a man talking of such indecision like a roller coaster to the physiological nausea. Women do not like men who do not take care of themselves do not watch. The man

who do not follow its cleanliness and neatness which is still what he was wearing a savage or a small child. He can cause a compassionate mother to want to put him in order but loveual feelings no.
Strongly steamed at his appearance as a man is not a man and the child who with self esteem problems. Observe the balance guys. If you do not know how to strike a balance here do not be lazy hire a stylist and discuss with him that the extent and in what context and what is superfluous.

Sloppiness is calculated first of all, by smell. If a woman likes the smell of a man’s body it’s fine you can not wish for the best but any smell is only fresh. If your woman does not like your smell even fresh this is not your woman. And there’s nothing to be done about it it’s physiology.

If a woman criticizes your body this is also not your woman. Because the main critic of your body is yourself and not just a critic chatterbox but an activist. Do not like it correct it. But if you are satisfied with your body and there is no woman, this is not your woman.
It is clear that the physical features do not fix it, you can not all you need but the belly a thick chest and a priest and thin arms it’s not lovey. Maximum you can awaken in a state of good a grandmother’s love.

None of the normal heteroloveual woman can not stand when with her praise other women. She is the only one and the point.
If you admire someone else then depending on the strength of your relationship it will at least be silently marked as suspicious and as a maximum as a direct confession of treason. Because everyone is well aware of your biological predilection for polygamy. Do not turn away. At the same time when a woman praises other men in this often in principle there is nothing loveual and can not be. And if a man rolls a hysterical about this, it’s a boy with low self esteem. Note the difference then that for women is normal in this case for men is unacceptable.

If you remember the most important dates for example when you started dating it’s very cool. Even if you do not remember the exact date remember at least the time of the year and do not forget to clarify ” it seems we have an anniversary soon? ” so you will know the date. And if you celebrate this day with a gift or a festive event “plus tyscha” to you in karma. And if you missed for a few days or weeks it does not matter. Better late than never.

Most women love flowers about and without reason. The smell and the kind of flowers this is for a woman erotic. It does not matter what do you think about it. If she hinted at the flowers the worst that can make a man this is to say that that he considers it useless gift. “Less than thousand” to you in karma.

If a woman asked for something but you forgot she puts a tick. If something has been said twice a very loving woman will stand it at the limit. Three times cause for scandal. This does not mean you have to jump at all women’s desires and become bring served. But sound your decision at once will you do it or not and if not you then who should do it. It’s important to make a decision right away.

Do not do women favors. If you did something, you did it because you decided so. And that’s all. Or do not do it at all if you feel sorry for and you want to receive something in return. You can always find someone who will do it.

It is not necessary to promise that that you do not want to do or doubt it. It is better if you refuse at first and then agree as desired than if you first agree then will sabotage. If a woman is in the emotions the worst way to change this situation is to talk to her it is not right in their emotions. Just ask her what she wants. Calmly and with affectionate curiosity. At least it will calm down and begin to think what she wants. Not necessarily what you should and can do what it wants for example you do not have to change the parents’

, work and friends because she wants it. Ask her to want something for herself not for you. And stay with your decision.

No worse situation if the woman you deify and looks you in the mouth waiting for each word like manna from heaven. One of two things either it is a complete idiot or a way to manipulate you in the future spreading peacock feathers on you and prove the need you cool. So you do not need to achieve this. If a man achieves this is the need for mom which is a delight to listen to ” Mom Look how I can “. The man

Criticizing women’s views on life tastes interests and passions this is bee. No brainer that everything what he wants it’s attention to his greatness. This means that again self esteem had trouble.
Even if it is in your opinion not right do not prevent a woman from going astray. When a woman says it just says because she wanted to talk. And if she does not speak to you because you have clouded her tastes and looks she will find another more delicate. And it may not be gay.

And if you have a problem with self esteem, then find a case which you love and already self affirm in the end. The best support for a man at all times is business. A man without a job is like a dog without a tail.

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